About Biyomedtek

Biyomedtek (BMT) was founded by Hacettepe University (Prof. E. Pişkin) together with six Biomedical Technology/Biotechnology SMEs and one umbrella foundation, OSTIM, which covers an industrial zone in Ankara (the biggest in the country) with over 5000 SME members, in the frame of a special programme of Turkish Scientific and Technological Research Council (TÜBİTAK), which aims to help development of collaborative R&D centers between academia and industry. It has been supported both by TÜBİTAK and the founding industrial partners (50/50) in the initial period. Then, similar to other centers supported by TÜBİTAK,BMT has been converted into a non‐profit organization as a Society and its Economic Enterprise. BMT has constructed new lab and has been supporting existing labs at Hacettepe University, in Chemical Engineering Department, Bioengineering Division, and others, and the theses of national and international MSc/PhD students which are mostly carried out as collaborative R&D activities with the partner SMEs. BMT with its unique structure, has a strong participation both from academia and especially from small and medium size enterprises creating a real interface between academia and industry. Through its vast network of R&D driven companies,BMT provides excellent opportunities for inter sectorial knowledge transfer and gives free access to the scientific and technological facilities and equipment available at its members. BMT has been successful in supporting and initiating industrial activities in almost all areas of biomedical engineering including biomaterials, tissue engineering and regenerative medicine; controlled release technologies, bioaffinity systems, diagnostic test systems, biosensors and array technologies. Its R&D model fortified by participation of industry, businessmen and non‐governmental organizations, foundations and systems set up for investment and construction, advertising, foreign trade, consultation and publishing, facilitates knowledge transfer between academia and industry and generates up‐to‐date stream of solutions for SMEs. BMT is an official partner in two ongoing European projects, entitled “NanoBacterphageSERS” and “ABREM” (see Projects). BMT has been very active organizing important national and international meetings related to Bioenginering in general (see Projects).

BMT Prof. Erhan Pişkin is the founder and still Head of the Management Board of BMT.

Hacettepe University (HU) is one of  the top five leading universities in Turkey, particularly renowned in Life Sciences with its both very strong  Medical School (at the top across the country) and Engineering and Science Faculties which are active (one of the leading institutions) in biomedical science and technology and biotechnology in Turkey. Currently, there are more than 30000 undergraduate, 1500 graduate students and 2000 faculty members, with about half of them in life sciences. Erhan Pişkin, PhD (a full professor of Chemical Engineering and Bioengineering) has developed the first multidisciplinary Bioengineering graduate programme in Turkey, which started in 1988 and still ongoing with very successfully – headed by Prof. E.Pişkin which is very actively collaborating with BMT/NanoBMT